List of products by brand Paola Reina

Nora doll

Price €34.13

Nora is a 32 cm vinyl doll. Her African features, her clothes so contemporary and so delicate at the same time make her so eye catching!

Cristi doll

Price €34.13

Cristi is a 32 cm vinyl doll. Cristi is an artist. She has a stylish beret on her head and painting tools.

Carla doll

Price €34.13

Carla is a 32 cm doll, made of vinyl. Her blue eyes sparkle and her long hair looks like a waterfall. The classic dress in bright colors complements this model.

Cleo doll

Price €34.13

Cleo is a vinyl doll, 32 cm. Her hair color is ivory, a short curly hairstyle with a lot of volume. Her eyes are of a new blue colour. The pink tones and prints of her hoody and leggins suit her so well

Carla doll

Price €35.60

Carla is a 32 cm vinyl doll. Carla has natural blonde hair, but so curly and so long that it seems like a cascade of light. Her set in shades of blue completes her "look"

Luis doll

Price €35.79

Luis is a 32 cm vinyl boy doll with blonde hair and green eyes. He looks so modern in a printed t-shirt, denim jacket and blue muslin pants.

Carla nukk

Price €37.46

Carla is a 32 cm vinyl doll with blond hair, with a fringe and gray eyes. She wears a white T-shirt with blue stripes, a yellow bib with gray print. A gray cardigan with matching socks complete her outfit.

Nieves doll

Price €38.29

Nieves is a 32 cm vinyl doll with wavy blue hair and new blue eyes. She is a true winter princess: we love her white sweater, her light blue tulle skirt and her glitter tights.

Cécile doll

Price €39.96

A long-awaited collection of 32cm Articulated Amiga dolls. 10 points of articulation and the beauty of faces of always. The Paola Reina logo on the waist and on one of the feet distinguishes this creation and development!

Cristi doll

Price €40.79

Cristi is a 32cm vinyl doll. With her curls gathered in two bows and a crown as an accessory, she became so popular among Amigas

Carla doll

Price €41.60

Carla is a 32 cm vinyl doll. She wears a hat on her long blonde hair and a sleeveless dress with a tulle skirt. All in shades of pink and blue that look so good on her!

Susana doll

Price €44.13

Susana is a 32 cm vinyl doll. She is a part of the “Las Amigas Época” collection with its long, voluminous and full of details dress. She seems to come out of a renaissance painting!