Welcome to the wonderful world of Doll Store!

We are very happy that you have found us. However, we have found large, joyful and versatile selection of dolls that would make happy every child and, in a good sense, childlike folks as well. We all have this cheerful, life-affirming, playful and sincere inner child, who sometimes reveals himself. From time to time in our dreams, sometimes in everyday edits, and often just when we play games with our kids. Doll games are an integral part of childhood and develop child's creativity as well as self-expression skills.

You won't find most of the dolls form our selection at supermarkets, because we wanted to create something special. Each doll is carefully selected and we try to offer something for every doll friend. We strive to keep the Doll Store selection only bigger and better and we want to offer the widest possible selection of dolls and doll-related items.

Most of the products in our e-store are immediately available in stock - you don't have to wait long for the package to reach you. As parents, we know that making gifts can sometimes be remembered at the very last minute. That's why we ship parcels quickly and offer you the opportunity to pick up the goods yourself from our store.

We wish you a pleasant shopping and we are always waiting for you too come back!


Doll Store team