List of products by brand Lottie

Be kind doll

Price €23.29

We know that when kids discover each other in all their glorious, heart-warming and life-affirming diversity their empathy & understanding is increased - making bullying a thing of the past. 

Toys that encourage open-ended play can help kids learn more about themselves, their friends, and the world around them.

Hospital doll

Price €23.29

Inspired by 12-year-old Aoibheann Mangan's amazing story of how she is inspiring other girls to get into STEM!  Aoibheann, European Digital Girl of the Year, who taught herself to code, created an app inspired by her best friend Grace to show other kids what happens when you go to hospital. 

Inside you’ll find a QR code that takes you straight to Aoiheanns app!

Story time doll

Price €23.29

Lottie Story Time loves to curl up by the fire with her favorite book. She wears a comfortable long-sleeved striped outfit set with adorable pink bows and navy shoes.

Lottie is ready for adventures in her imagination with her red storybooks and handy pink reading glasses.

“Lottie loves reading to others. With a good bedtime story, together they will have sweet dreams and a restful night. Reading is one of Lottie’s favorite activities, especially when it’s too dreary to play outside.”

Music class doll

Price €29.13

This cute portable Music Class Lottie Doll comes dressed in a denim jacket, striped dress, red leggings & sneakers - complete with acoustic guitar & music stand.
A great gift for young music lovers, aspiring musicians, composers & creative kids. 

Pony pal doll

Price €33.29

This cute portable Pool Party Lottie Doll comes complete with arm bands, real inflatable flamingo & hooded flamingo towel.

Perfect for any flamingo themed pool party!

Lottie accessory canoe

Price €33.29

This weekend we're going on a canoe trip! It's super exciting but also nerve wracking. First, we have to discuss how to safely behave in water and what dangers may lie in wait. We need to be careful. When you are brave, you can try so many new things!

Dolls are not included!

Set includes: a canoe, 2 oars, 2 special suits, 2 life jackets, 2 fishing poles with fish.