Pony pal doll

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This cute portable Pool Party Lottie Doll comes complete with arm bands, real inflatable flamingo & hooded flamingo towel.

Perfect for any flamingo themed pool party!

 Presented in beautifully designed, brightly coloured boxes (complete with handle for easy transport) these Irish designed dolls need no wrapping and have award winning attention to detail which make them an essential addition for any doll collector.

  ✔ Riding jodphurs
  ✔ Tweed-style formal riding jacket
  ✔ Shirt and tie
  ✔ Boots
  ✔ Riding helmet
  ✔ Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony wears a saddle, bridle, stirrups and numnah (a saddle pad that acts as a protective cushion between the pony and the saddle)

  ✔ Super cute ballerina doll white doll with blonde hair and blue eyes
  ✔ Wearing doll clothes:
  ✔ Wraparound ballet cardigan
  ✔ Pink tutu
  ✔ Ballet tights
  ✔ Ballet shoes
  ✔ Doll accessories included in playset:
  ✔ Sparkly headband
  ✔ Legwarmers


  ✔ Ball jointed doll with bendable knees, easy to pose for imaginative play
  ✔ Premium saran nylon hair, soft to touch and reduced tangle
  ✔ Phthalate free vinyl plastic, super soft feel
  ✔ Removable doll shoes, able to stand on her own two feet
  ✔ Blonde doll hair, blue doll eyes
  ✔ Loved and suitable for all ages over 3 years 
  ✔ 7.5/18cm, perfectly portable childhood companion